Saturday Age 3-5

Age 3-5 ballet/jazz/hip hop combo classes are specifically designed to introduce young children to the fundamentals of dance in a fun and engaging way. Children are introduced to basic ballet, jazz, and hip-hop movements and techniques during the class. The focus is developing coordination, rhythm, musicality, and body awareness.

The class structure is often designed to keep the children’s attention and cater to their short attention spans. It involves a combination of structured exercises, creative movement, and imaginative play. The class typically begins with a warm-up to help the children loosen up their bodies and prepare for the activities.

This may include stretching exercises, simple cardio movements, and coordination exercises. The instructor will often use music with a lively and upbeat tempo to keep the energy high and engaging for the kids.

As the class progresses, the children are introduced to basic ballet positions, such as first position, second position, and pliés. They learn fundamental ballet movements such as tendus, relevés, and chassés, which help develop their coordination, balance, and gracefulness. The instructor will break down these movements into simple, age-appropriate steps, making them accessible and enjoyable for the children. In addition to ballet, the class incorporates jazz and hip-hop dance elements.

Children learn basic jazz movements such as kicks, jumps, and turns, focusing on developing their flexibility, strength, and overall body control. They are also introduced to hip-hop movements like popping, locking, and basic freestyle grooves, emphasizing rhythm, coordination, and self-expression. Throughout the class, there are often opportunities for creative movement and improvisation.
Children are encouraged to explore their creativity and express themselves through movement. They may participate in group activities, follow along with the instructor, or have moments to dance independently and showcase their unique style. Overall, age 3-5 ballet/jazz/hip hop combo classes provide a supportive and nurturing environment for young children to explore the world of dance. They develop coordination, rhythm, musicality, self-expression, and confidence through playful and age-appropriate activities, setting a solid foundation for their future dance journey.