Age 6-8 Saturday

Age 6-8 ballet/jazz/hip hop combo classes are designed to introduce young children to the fundamentals of multiple dance styles in a fun and engaging way. These classes typically last around 45 to 90 minutes and are tailored to accommodate the attention span, motor skills, and developmental abilities of children in this age group. In these combo classes, children are introduced to ballet, jazz, and hip-hop’s basic techniques, movements, and vocabulary.

The classes usually begin with a warm-up session to prepare the body for dance, which includes exercises to promote flexibility, coordination, and strength. This helps the children develop the physical skills required for each dance style. The ballet component of the class focuses on teaching the foundational techniques of classical ballet, such as proper body alignment, turnout, basic foot positions, and introductory ballet movements.
Children learn the ballet terminology and are encouraged to express themselves through graceful movements, emphasizing posture, poise, and balance. The jazz portion of the class introduces children to jazz dance’s energetic and rhythmic style. They learn popular jazz steps, such as kicks, turns, and jumps, and explore different movement qualities, dynamics, and musicality. Jazz dance helps children develop their sense of rhythm, coordination, and expressiveness. Finally, the hip-hop component of the combo class introduces children to the urban and contemporary hip-hop dance styles. They learn basic hip-hop moves, grooves, and isolations, combining them to create fun and dynamic routines.
This style encourages self-expression, creativity, and a sense of individuality through movement. The instructor focuses on creating a positive and supportive atmosphere throughout the class, encouraging children to explore their creativity, express themselves, and develop their confidence. The classes often incorporate age-appropriate music, props, and games to make the learning experience enjoyable and engaging. Age 6-8 ballet/jazz/hip hop combo classes are an excellent way for young children to experience a variety of dance styles, develop coordination, musicality, and body awareness, and lay the foundation for future dance training if they choose to pursue it further.