Pre Teen/Teen Company

Shaker Dance Academy’s company dancers are a highly dedicated and talented group of individuals who possess a strong passion for dance and are committed to honing their skills in various styles, including ballet, jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, and musical theater. These dancers are characterized by their exceptional technique, artistry, and stage presence. In ballet, the company dancers showcase a strong foundation in classical techniques, such as impeccable turnout, precise footwork, and graceful movements. They deeply understand the art form’s traditional elements while incorporating their unique interpretations and expressions. When it comes to jazz, the company dancers excel in its energetic and dynamic nature.

They possess excellent flexibility, coordination, and musicality, allowing them to execute intricate and fast-paced movements precisely. Their performances are vibrant, engaging, and full of personality, capturing the essence of jazz dance. In hip-hop, the company dancers bring a fresh and urban edge to their performances.

They are skilled in hip-hop, including popping, locking, breaking, and freestyle. Their movements are characterized by sharp isolations, intricate footwork, and expressive gestures, reflecting the urban culture and rhythmic sensibilities associated with hip-hop. Contemporary dance is another style in which the company dancers thrive. They demonstrate a high level of versatility, seamlessly blending ballet and modern dance elements while exploring innovative movement concepts. Their performances are often characterized by fluidity, emotional depth, and a solid connection to the music and storytelling. Lastly, in musical theater, the company dancers excel at combining their technical dance abilities with acting and storytelling.
They possess a strong stage presence, expressive facial expressions, and the ability to convey narratives through movement. Their performances capture the essence of various musical theater genres, from classic Broadway to contemporary styles. Shaker Dance Academy’s company dancers are serious, focused, and committed artists who strive for excellence in multiple dance styles. They are well-rounded performers, constantly pushing their boundaries and delivering captivating and memorable performances.